The process of passing a bill and Royal Assent

A bill must go through different stages before passing. Through the different houses, a committee, being voted on and finally, receiving Royal Assent.

A bill goes through the following process:

· First Reading: a bill is introduced in a full session of the chamber from which it originated.

· Second Reading: MPs or Senators debate and vote on the bill.

· Committee stage: a committee of MPs or Senators invites government officials and experts, or witnesses, to come and answer questions. The Committee then studies the bill clause by clause (in detail).

· The Report stage: the bill is presented by the Committee along with amendments or other recommendations, if applicable.

· Third Reading: the bill is reviewed in its post-report state and parliamentarians can debate the bill again, make further changes, and vote on it.

· Royal Assent: once both the Senate and the House of Commons pass a bill, the Governor General, the Queen’s representative in Canada, officially approves it by giving it the official Royal Assent.